Why Choose Diamond Painting? Why Diamond Paintings Are So Popular?

Diamond painting is also called DIY diamond painting. It is a combination of artificial crystal and beautiful painting. Each completed diamond painting is like a vivid mosaic painting. Diamond painting is a new art, it has attracted the attention of many people in a very short time. Now, it is very popular in many countries. Why diamond paintings are so popular?

The seller provides everything the painter needs to make diamond paintings, including tools. The buyer, the painter, just follow the steps to paint. In simple terms, the painter only needs to paste the diamond on the canvas. Diamonds of different colors must be in the correct position on the canvas. All diamonds will create a beautiful painting, shining like real diamonds. The process of drawing is like building a Lego. Believe me, you will enjoy the process of drawing. Why Choose Diamond Painting?

Rich Styles

There are countless styles of diamond paintings. As long as you can think of pictures, you can buy them. You can even customize a unique painting to the seller. You only need to provide a clear picture to the seller. In addition, you can find diamond paintings suitable for any location (bedroom, living room, study). And the size of the diamond painting is also very rich, from large to small.


Compared with Lego, diamond paintings have very cheap prices. The price of a larger painting is generally under 50 dollars. The price of a small diamond painting is around $ 10. So it has a cheap price that everyone can afford.


The process of making a diamond painting is very simple. A painting requires many diamonds of different colors. Of course, each color of diamond has its own bag. There are detailed marks on the canvas about the location of the diamond. We just need to paste the diamond in the right place.

Diamond painting is much simpler than Lego. Lego is suitable for children aged 11 and under. Then the diamond painting is suitable for younger children. Of course, Lego is also very popular in the adult world, as is diamond painting. If you are bored, then you can start drawing. If you want to make something meaningful by yourself, then diamond painting is also a very good choice.

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