What’s The Problem Of Diamond Painting Kits

A new form of “ART” we called “Diamond Painting” or “Paint with Diamonds” has been the latest interest for art lovers. And this art is fast exploding in popularity. Completing a diamond painting takes several hours? It will depend on the size and whether it’s full or partial drill. Although sellers from all over the world offering diamond art kits, choose the right kits aren’t only a matter of money well spent. If you don’t want to spend that time only to be disappointed, please keep reading.

Wrong Canvas Size

A lot of buyers are surprised that the canvas they received isn’t as big as what’s depicted online. Some do sellers are lying. But sometimes it’s your misunderstanding. Because the size of the canvas is not the same as the size of the picture. Generally, there is a blank canvas on the outside of the picture. And the size written online is the size of a much larger canvas.

Poor Quality Diamonds

The quality of the diamond directly determines the beauty of the diamond painting. Sometimes, The diamond aren’t vibrant or tasteful, or colors don’t match the picture. Sometimes, even when you’re about to finish a diamond painting, you realize that your Diamond Painting Kits are missing diamonds or that the diamonds are defective.

Cheap Canvas

Cheap canvas with low-resolution is a real problem in a partial drill kit. The canvas quality matters because the diamonds won’t stay in place without a smooth canvas. And no one wants a wrinkled diamond painting on their wall.

Glue That Doesn’t Stick

Without quality glue, you’re not destined to complete a complete diamond painting. Even when you’re done, when you hang the painting on the wall, the diamonds that were glued to the painting will fall off. If you won’t waste your time, choose a reliable glue.

Painting a diamond painting is easy and fun to do. This art combines cross-stitch and a jigsaw puzzle. You don’t have to gamble when you buy from trusted sellers. They will send you the best diamond painting tools and the diamond painting canvas. So all you have to do is take them out , and then start your diamond art.

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