What’s Included In The Diamond Painting Set?

In the past two years, diamond paintings have become very popular in the handicraft world. After many DIY artists and craftsmen tried to make this craft, they introduced it to everyone. So now diamond painting is definitely the most popular DIY product. Generally, we will buy a diamond painting set. What is included in the diamond painting set? Those who bought it must know the answer, so this article is written for beginners or those interested in diamond painting.

Printed Canvas

There is a canvas, the size is chosen by yourself. This canvas is printed with a complete pattern and is made of polyester fabric. In addition, this is an adhesive canvas. So the canvas is protected by a very thin and soft plastic film. The edge of the canvas (usually on the left) will have relevant color tips. After reading this tip, you will understand that diamonds of different colors should be placed in the grid. If you choose Partial Drill diamond painting, then only part of the canvas is glued. But if you choose the Full Drill diamond painting, then each grid of the canvas has diamonds. This means that Full Drill is harder than Partial Drill and will take more time.

Diamond With Number

You will see a lot of diamond Dotz in small plastic bags. There is only one color diamond in one bag, and the correct color number is on the bag. After the production is completed, there will definitely be excess diamonds in each bag, so you need to prepare a container for collecting excess diamonds yourself.

Useful Toolkit

This practical kit contains a stylus and a comfort grip, craft tray, and wax caddy. These are necessary tools. You may also need scissors, tweezers, etc., but these need to be purchased separately.

I believe everyone knows the diamond painting set very well. If you still have questions, you can buy a set to try, I believe you can immediately understand the usefulness of these tools. The next thing to do is to start making diamond drawings. Hope you can enjoy the process of making diamond paintings.

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