What is the difference between 5D diamond painting and 3D diamond painting?

Diamond painting is a new and fun trend. Its sparkling diamond gems and various unique designs attract people who looking for a fun. Though the drawing process is similar, each diamond painting kit has unique qualities. Someone new to diamond art will be confused by the different kinds of rhinestones that come in diamond painting kits. Here is a full explanation of the functional differences between the 5D and 3D diamond painting of rhinestones and the different effects.

Shape Of Diamond

  • 3D Diamond. The drills are approximately 2.5×2.5mm. They have 9 total facets – 3 on each side.
  • 5D Diamond. 5D drills have more facets that have 5 facets on each side for a total of 15 facets.

3D diamonds have a different effect depending on their different shape. Because 3D diamonds have fewer facets, 3D diamonds usually look nicer one the smaller round drill rhinestones.

Grasp Diamond

Because of the difference in the number of facets, it should be easier to grasp individual 3D diamonds than it is to pick up single 5D rhinestones simply. To address this issue, some diamond painters prefer to use tweezers rather than use the wax and applicator. It is worthwhile take a little getting used to pick up a 5D rhinestone with tweezers .

Difference Between 5D And 3D Diamond Paintings

The difference between 5D and 3D diamond paintings is using different drills. Drills on the diamond painting just like real diamonds, the more facets they have on their surface, diamond art shine brighter. The facets on each side of a 3D diamond is fewer than on a 5D rhinestone. That means a 3D diamond will less sparkle than a 5D rhinestone from a distance. But up close the 3D diamond will not display as much detail at the 5D rhinestone.

How To Choose

If you want to add as much overall sparkle as you possibly can when you paint with diamonds, go ahead and use 5D diamonds on the whole canvas. Because the shimmer 5D drills will add will be much more subtle. It will add more enjoyable if there are more drills on the piece of diamond art.

Of course, you can mix 3D and 5D diamonds. Custom DIY diamond paintings based on pictures of people or ornate designs are probably best done with 5D diamonds to give them the high level of detail they need. The 3D diamonds can be used in combination with 5D diamond painting diamonds to add additional emphasis on certain parts of DIY diamond painting canvases. But mixing 5D rhinestones with 3D rhinestones on the same canvas can be just the big trick. There are plenty of places to use this clever trick to give your diamond art that extra kick. For Example, we can use 5D rhinestones around candles on a birthday cake or ribbons on gifts, and so on. But if you choose 3D and 5D diamonds at the same time, please choose large canvases.


The last step of any diamond paintings is sealing. The purpose of this step is to prevent them from falling off the canvas or collecting dust or other debris in the various crevasses between the drills. There can be some things you need to be careful of depending on whether you’re using 3D drills or 5D drills.

  • 5D Diamond Paintings.

The sealing of 5D diamond paintings are more different. As you know by now, 5D rhinestones have a higher number of facets, the resin used to seal the completed diamond art could collect in a different way on the surface of the drills. You can solve this problem by dabbing with a paper towel or by using a roller to get a nice. This way will also help the diamonds stick to the adhesive on the canvas more snugly and for a longer period of time.

  • 3D Diamond Paintings.

Sealing 3D drills should go a little more quickly and easiler. A roller will make them stick snugly to the adhesive much faster because of the smaller number of facets. Generally speaking, it only takes two or three rollovers. Anyway, you should always be sure to use the roller to really get the rhinestones fixed to the canvas.

The difference between 3D and 5D DIY diamond paintings may seem fairly simple, but there are actually several effects that stem from choosing one over the other. 5D rhinestones may take a bit more tender love and care to seal,but they have surprising effect that will really stand out on the wall.

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