What Can You Do With Leftover Diamond Painting Beads?

Have you tried diamond painting already? Did you ever finish a diamond painting? If you’ve done a diamond painting, you’ll find that there are plenty of diamond painting beads left. So what can you do with these leftover diamond painting beads, do you just throw them in the trash, put them in storage, or have some interesting ideas? If you don’t want to waste leftover diamond painting beads, then I have some good ideas. Read on.

If you don’t want to get rid of your diamonds, you’ll need diamond painting bead storage. you don’t need to buy containers specifically for storing beads, you can use small bags, small boxes, or any container with compartments, such as pill boxes are great. You can put the extra diamonds in these containers and then wait until you’re done with the diamond painting before you start working on these leftover beads.

Idea One. DIY Christmas Decorations

Christmas is one of the most important and enjoyable holidays. The Christmas tree is the can’t-miss thing for the day. You can buy some clear plastic bottles and put two-thirds of the diamonds in them… and then you can hang those bottles on your Christmas tree. You can also paste diamonds randomly anywhere on the tree and your Christmas tree will shine very brightly in the lights.

Idea TWO. Glass Bottle

You should have seen hello kitty in a glass bottle with sand piled up. Then we can also make some interesting patterns in a glass bottle using different colors of leftover diamond painting beads. If you don’t have the ability to pile a cat, then you can pour different colored diamonds in turn. Then you’ll see a rainbow glass jar. One thing to be careful of is not to buy glass bottles that are too big.

Idea Three. Pen Holder

Now you need a relatively large glass bottle. Pour all the extra diamonds randomly into this bottle, just don’t overflow the bottle. Then you can place diamond pens or pencils.

Idea FOUR. DIY Nails

When you paint your nails, you always like to paint some cute patterns or stick some extravagant diamonds on your nails. These remaining diamonds can also be pasted onto your nails. And you can mix and match as you please.

Idea FIVE. Donate

If you don’t want to throw these beautiful diamonds in the trash, but don’t want to use them again either, you can donate them to a nearby school. Schools need more materials to incorporate into the classroom or dress up school teachers for art or festivals, so schools will need these colored diamonds.

Idea SIX. Another Diamond Painting

You can make another pair of small, cute diamond paintings. You can start by drawing a pattern yourself with a pencil or print a drawing directly from your computer and then you can paste the diamond to your liking. You can use glue or double sided tape directly.

Idea SEVEN. Decorative Accessories And Clothing

You can write a good friend’s name or words of blessing on a greeting card with diamonds. You can also paste diamonds if you think the clothes or shoes are too boring. It’s also a good idea to stick diamonds on your phone case. These are just a few examples of ideas that you can create as you please.

Well, above are 7 ideas I can come up with so far about leftover diamond painting beads. Now do you have an idea of what to do with your leftover diamonds?

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