How To Seal Diamond Painting?

A freshly finished diamond painting, the diamond and the canvas will remain attached with the help of an adhesive. But diamond paintings have the same drawback as other handmade works. Over time, the adhesive will slowly fail, especially if you expose the diamond painting diameter to the natural environment. Next I’ll offer two ways to seal diamond paintings so that everyone can choose according to their needs.

First Way, Spray Sealers

Aerosol spray sealers can spray a clear coating. We just need to spray it evenly on the diamond painting. But it takes 1 hour to dry, so it needs to sit for 1 hour after spraying the spray sealers.


  1. retain the original diamond painting sparkle, preventing the diamond from fading.
  2. Waterproof.
  3. Simple operation, faster drying speed.
  4. Diamonds with spray sealers can still be bent or folded.


The spray sealers do not fill in the gaps between the diamonds, so dust gets in easily. That means these diamond paintings are better sealed in a glass frame.

Second Way, Mod Podge

The Mod Podge is the Paint-on or brush-on sealer, which is used much like paint. Before applying the Mod Podge, we need to secure the diamond painting in the permanent frame ahead of time. Use a soft paintbrush to dip the Mod Podge and spread it evenly throughout the diamond painting. The white glue is clear when it dries.


  1. It can fill all the gaps between diamonds. So the diamond will never shift.
  2. Waterproof, dustproof and dirt-proof.
  3. Can clean the diamond painting.
  4. Diamond paintings can be exposed directly to the air and do not need to be placed in a glass frame.


  1. Long drying time, takes about 12 hours.
  2. The diamond painting will be stiff, so it will not bend or fold. It’s hard to carry.

Preliminary Preparation Of Seal Diamond Painting

Because sealing diamond paintings is a process that can’t be regretted at all, we have to prepare everything in advance.

  • Step 1. fix the diamond painting. We’ll start by checking to make sure that every moment of the diamond is intact (not broken) and that they are all in the right place and orientation. If you have problems, please use the extra diamonds in time to solve them.
  • STEP 2. clean the canvas. There must have been some dust or scraps of paper that fell on the diamond painting during the process of making it. We can use a soft, clean brush to clean up these little pieces of junk.
  • STEP 3. make sure the canvas surface is flat. This is when we need to use a rolling pin or similar tool to press the diamond. To avoid scratching or damaging the diamond painting, cover the diamond painting with a T-shirt or soft cloth first.
  • STEP 4. Select a clean environment to begin sealing the diamond painting. Because we want to make sure that no dust gets in during the drying process of the Spray Sealers or Mod Podge.

If you want to keep your handmade diamond paintings for a long time, don’t forget to seal them.

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