Diamond Painting Tips

9 DIY Diamond Painting Tips And Tricks

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned professional, you shouldn’t have a full grasp of how to make diamond paintings. In fact, everyone encounters many different problems in making a DIY diamond painting. If you are getting ready to start making a new pair of diamond cross-stitch or are in the process of DIYing them, please read this article first and bookmark it. It will help you avoid some trouble or solve some of the problems that are bothering you.

  1. Choosing Size
  2. Choosing Diamonds
  3. Flatten The Canvas
  4. Choose The Correct And Comfortable Position To Start
  5. Moving The Canvas In The DIY Process
  6. Organizing Diamonds
  7. Sticky Canvas
  8. More Useful Tools
  9. Lamp Cushions

Choosing Size

A 20mm wide square diamond embroidery will take about 2 hours. If you are not confident about yourself as a beginner, a simple and small sized DIY diamond painting is the most cost effective solution. If you are experienced and really love diamond art, you can choose the one you like without worrying about the size and difficulty of the painting.

Choosing Diamonds

square and round diamonds

There are square and round diamonds, 3D and 5D diamonds. the difference between 3D and 5D diamonds is the number of facets on the diamond. 5D diamonds have more beveled facets, so they are more three-dimensional and more dazzling. The DIY diamond painting made with 5D diamonds is more beautiful. The difference between square and round diamonds is the difference in shape. When attaching diamonds, square diamonds are more difficult. Therefore, beginners are more suitable to choose the set with round diamonds.

Flatten The Canvas

The canvas is transported in a rolled up or folded state. So when we unwrap the package we see a crease or indentation in the canvas. And these uneven marks can affect the adhesion of the diamond. The way to flatten a canvas is to press it under a flat weight. You can choose books, boards, mattresses, etc. After 12 hours of pressing the canvas under a heavy object, the canvas is basically flat.

Attention: Canvases are not clothes, they are made of different materials. Wrinkles on clothes can be smoothed out with an iron, but canvases cannot be used with an iron. Otherwise, the canvas will just melt away.

Choose The Correct And Comfortable Position To Start

Choose a table that is large (preferably able to hold the canvas completely) and at a height that suits you. Then choose a chair that is also the right height for you and comfortable. The best choice is a study table that you use regularly.

Moving The Canvas In The DIY Process

Generally, a diamond cross-stitch is completed in a few days. If the canvas cannot be placed on the same table day and night, we need to promptly organize or move the canvas to a location where it will not interfere with others during the interruption of the DIY process. In the case of smaller sized canvases can be fixed to a board of matching size. Just move the board when you move it. If it’s a large size canvas, you can secure it to a soft mat, such as a discarded yoga mat. Just roll the canvas up with the yoga mat when you move it.

Organizing Diamonds

Organizing Diamonds with empty egg cartons

Each pair of diamond paintings will match many different colors of diamonds. The larger and more intricate the size, the more different colors of diamonds a diamond painting possesses. There is no need to buy a separate container to store the diamonds, you can use what you already have at home, such as empty egg cartons. It’s a great trick to write large, bold color numbers on the bags of your diamonds for easy identification. You can’t throw away any leftover diamond paintings for now to avoid any mistakes found by later inspection. You can use a makeup case or ice cube case that has a layered compartment to temporarily divide these extra diamonds.

Sticky Canvas

There is always a sheet of film covering the canvas, protecting the stickiness and neatness of the canvas. When pasting diamonds, remember not to completely peel off the film. Otherwise, the stickiness on the canvas will deteriorate and also become dirty. To avoid this, I recommend that you start pasting from the edges. And only peel off the current area where the diamond needs to be pasted. If you’re right-handed, starting from the left side of the canvas is the best way to go.

If the canvas becomes less sticky, the best way is to construct a professional diamond painting tape. Of course, you can do this without spending the extra money. You can purchase thin double-sided tape at a nearby convenience store. Or, you can use baby wipes to wipe the spot where the stickiness was lost and the canvas will regain its stickiness.

More Useful Tools

diamond art pen with wide tip
diamond painting wheel tool

Diamond painting kits come with a pen that can only be dipped into one diamond at a time. Of course, you can complete an entire diamond painting with this pen. If you want to be more efficient, there are more useful tools to choose from. For example, the diamond art pen with wide tip and the diamond painting wheel tool can be used to dip several diamonds at once. Tweezers can be used to remove diamonds more easily. The ruler can be used to align diamonds and remove air bubbles.

Some luxury diamond painting kits come with a complete set of tools, but these extra tools are not included in the normal kits. If you feel you need these tools, they can be purchased separately from stores that sell diamond paintings.

Lamp Cushions

This is a board with LED lights. The canvas is placed on this board and the LED lights illuminate the canvas from below. Then you’ll notice that the small grid on the canvas is much clearer. Some intricate details can be greatly reduced if you use this method. Of course, you can replace this diamond painting light pad with an iPad light.

In contemporary society, there are only a handful of people who are able to make their favorite DIY a job. We can only do what we like in our free time. If you’re looking for an activity that you can stop and start whenever you want, DIY diamond painting is a great option. I hope the above 9 diamond painting tips and tricks are helpful to you. Also, if you want to know how to seal your diamond painting, click here. If you guys have any other questions or better solutions, feel free to share them in the comments.

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