4 Best Ways To Display Your Finished Diamond Paintings

In the process of making a diamond painting, you need to paste the diamonds one by one on the canvas. So making diamond paintings is a relatively long process. Depending on the size of the diamond painting, it will take different time, which may be a few days or a few weeks. When you finish the diamond painting, you will want to seal the diamond painting. Finally, you must consider how to display these beautiful diamond paintings.

Homemade Photo Frame

In fact, it is not difficult to make a picture frame by yourself. You can buy rectangular wood in a hardware store, or find the remaining wood in your warehouse. Then cut and assemble the photo frame according to the size of the canvas. Please note that the size of the photo frame should be 5cm shorter than the canvas. Then you can wrap the picture frame with diamond painting and fix it with nails.

Foam Board Or Cardboard

First you have to find a foam board or cardboard about 2cm thick. Then cut them, the size should also be smaller than the diamond painting canvas. The most perfect size is the same size as the canvas pattern, which does not include the size of the canvas border. Then you can use nails or glue to fix the diamond painting on the foam board or cardboard. The border of the canvas should be folded on the back of the cardboard.

Direct Purchase Framework

Buying the right size frame directly is the most convenient method. You can choose poster frames, second-hand photo frames and professional framed frames according to your budget. You only need to show the seller the size of your diamond painting. The installation method is very simple, I believe you will, so I will not introduce it.

Blank Pre-Stretched Canvas

This is also a very simple way to display your finished diamond paintings. First, buy a blank pre-stretched canvas that matches the size of the diamond painting at Amazon or a handicraft store. Of course, these blank pre-stretched canvas no longer need stretching or stapling. Then, you need to apply glue on the front of the canvas or the back of the diamond painting. The next step is to paste the diamond painting flat on the blank pre-stretched canva. Finally, wait for a day, after the glue is dry, you can display the diamond painting.

Well, this article introduces four methods of displaying diamond paintings, I hope to help you. If you have doubts or better suggestions, please comment below the article.

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