Diamond Painting

What Are The Benefits Of Making Diamond Painting?

Diamond painting is a handmade artwork that can enhance your life and decorate it. What are the benefits of making diamond painting? From a superficial point of view, diamond paintings are decorative, entertaining, collectible and educational at the same time. Diamond paintings can be used not only for self-entertainment but also as gifts for friends and relatives. It can be…read more
Diamond Painting

Full And Partial Drill Diamond Painting-Meaning, Difference And How To Choose

If you're a DIY enthusiast, I'm guessing you already know about diamond painting. It's a new DIY project that has quickly become popular in the last two years. As the name implies, a diamond painting is not a pencil drawing, but rather a painting made from diamonds that have been pieced together.COVID-19 has trapped a lot of people in their…read more
Diamond Painting Set

What’s Included In The Diamond Painting Set?

In the past two years, diamond paintings have become very popular in the handicraft world. After many DIY artists and craftsmen tried to make this craft, they introduced it to everyone. So now diamond painting is definitely the most popular DIY product. Generally, we will buy a diamond painting set. What is included in the diamond painting set? Those who…read more
Diamond Painting

Is Diamond Painting Hard To Do?

Diamond paintings are new artworks born in recent years. And this artwork advocates its own completion. Buyers provide raw materials and tools, and buyers only need to follow the steps using the materials and tools provided by the seller. I believe that many people have already made diamond paintings. These people already know the difficulty of making diamond paintings. But…read more
Diamond Painting, Display Finished Diamond Paintings

4 Best Ways To Display Your Finished Diamond Paintings

In the process of making a diamond painting, you need to paste the diamonds one by one on the canvas. So making diamond paintings is a relatively long process. Depending on the size of the diamond painting, it will take different time, which may be a few days or a few weeks. When you finish the diamond painting, you will…read more
Diamond Painting

How To Seal Diamond Painting?

A freshly finished diamond painting, the diamond and the canvas will remain attached with the help of an adhesive. But diamond paintings have the same drawback as other handmade works. Over time, the adhesive will slowly fail, especially if you expose the diamond painting diameter to the natural environment. Next I'll offer two ways to seal diamond paintings so that…read more
Diamond Painting

What is the difference between 5D diamond painting and 3D diamond painting?

Diamond painting is a new and fun trend. Its sparkling diamond gems and various unique designs attract people who looking for a fun. Though the drawing process is similar, each diamond painting kit has unique qualities. Someone new to diamond art will be confused by the different kinds of rhinestones that come in diamond painting kits. Here is a full…read more